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Advertising, marketing, and design have come a long way since the Golden Age (think Mad Men) of advertising during the 1960’s. While some basic principles are still very much applicable and relevant, Don Draper’s head would be spinning in a world ripe with guerrilla marketing, flash mobs, and hashtags. #justsaying

However, humans are interesting being. We always were, and will always be visual creatures. As such, custom designed tee shirts are an excellent and highly effective way to build brand recognition and promote a business or cause. Used in conjunction with a solid online marketing campaign, custom designed tee shirts can easily make a cause go viral overnight.

Now that the holidays are rapidly approaching, a number of custom print tee shirt websites are gearing up for the holiday shopping season by offering sales on t shirt printing services. The holidays is a perfect time to revamp your brand and kick start a new campaign. If you’re struggling with how to create digital print tee shirts designs, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

You don’t have to be a professional graphic or fashion designer like Michael Kors to create an awesome tee shirt design. When creating custom designed tee shirts, the acronym KISS or “Keep it simple stupid” — no offense — is highly applicable. Some of the best designs are the simplest, and stick to the foundation of what “good” design is all about; balance form and function. Remember, that a design on a computer screen or a piece of paper may not translate well to a three-dimensional t shirt. Start with a simple design, and add other elements as you progress.
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