4 Benefits of Tieless Laces for Your Children

For many people, the beginning of November signals that the holiday season has begun. This is a great thing, it means giving gifts, sharing memories, and spending time with family. That being said, the holidays take a lot of preparation for most people. You’ll notice stores become more crowded, as people look to find the right gifts. In addition, many people are traveling throughout the holidays. Between the shopping and traveling, the holidays are stressful enough. With that in mind, you can avoid extra stress by ensuring your children remain safe during this busy time of the year. Considering that, here are four reasons your children need Ombre no tie shoelaces before the holidays begin.

  • Never Worrying About Tripping Concerns

    While traveling for the holidays, you’re likely to be surrounded by crowded airports and hotels. During these rushed times, it’s easy for children to forget that their sneakers aren’t tied properly. Unfortunately, this often leads to crying children which is the last sound a parent wants to hear. The main benefit of tieless laces is that your children no longer have to tie their sneakers. In turn, you’re able to travel with your child while never having to worry about them tripping over their laces.
  • Not Spending Your Holidays at a Local Urgent Care

    Seeing their children fall makes time stop for any parent. At best, your child will get up and feel fine. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Your child could suffer from scrapes or bumps that need to be looked at by a medical professional. Taking in an injured child for medical is a heartbreaking and stressful time for a parent. You can take a big step towards avoiding this by ensuring your child is wearing awesome shoelaces that don’t have to be tied.
  • No More Stopping to Tie Sneakers

    One study found that 19% of children aged two to five could use a smartphone app while only 9% knew how to tie their sneakers. Considering that, it’s important for parents to teach their children the importance of tying their sneaker laces. If your child knows when their sneakers are untied, this helps them to avoid falling down. Stopping to see your child tie their laces is an enjoyable moment for parents. This shows that your children learn and apply what you teach them. However, the holidays aren’t typically times where travelers have a relaxed schedule. You don’t want your child having to stop every few minutes to tie their shoes in a packed airport.
  • Fun Variety of Colors

    It’s important that children have sneaker laces they enjoy. Fortunately, tieless laces are available in a wide variety of colors. Many parents choose blue Ombre shoelaces for the boys and pink laces for the girls. That being said, the fun part of these laces are being able to have a wide range of options. If you don’t want blue Ombre shoelaces, this company makes other laces for sneakers in multicolored options.

In closing, there are several reasons to purchase Ombre no tie shoelaces for your children. Whether you prefer pink, green, red, or blue Ombre shoelaces, this company has something for everyone in your family. Holiday season throughout the United States is one of the busiest travel times of the year. Therefore, it’s important to invest in the right footwear for your children during these times. Statistics show that there are 28,360 shoe stores throughout the United States. Ensure your children remain safe from tripping hazards by choosing a store that offers no tie shoelaces.

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