A Look Into The Benefits Of Donating Your Old Clothing

Giving charitably has become easier than ever before, so much so that up to nearly 96% of all people here in the United States will donate on a regular basis. And nearly three quarters of all people in this country will donate at least once throughout the course of a year – and often more frequently than that, if they are able to. Giving to charity can be done online, and in addition to this, more donation pick up sites are available all throughout the country than ever before. In fact, it is far more likely that you community has some type of donation pick up site than it does not.

There are many types of charities to give to as well. From veterans charities to purple heart charities to charities with the goal of helping needy families, giving what you can will likely end up making a difference in your community, even if it is just a small one. And if you don’t have the financial ability to give a monetary donation, dropping your old clothing off at a clothing donation pick up site can be just as important at the end of the day.

Getting rid of your old clothing by giving it in the form of old clothes donations is quite important here in the United States for a number of different reasons. In addition to helping out your community through dropping off charitable donations at a donation pick up site, you’ll also be able to make a profound environmental impact as well. With up to ten and a half million tons of clothing going into our landfills on a yearly basis and only around 15% of all of our old clothing being donated, such as to a local donation pick up site, far too much clothing is simply being thrown away in addition to many other textiles.

In total, just about all textiles and articles of clothing can be donated, even if they aren’t necessarily in the best shape. Though only around 45% of all clothing donations are worn again as clothing, much of donated textiles will be repurposed in some way or another. Some will end up as industrial rags in factory settings throughout the country, while others might even be used for stuffing in various pieces of furniture. No matter what, all of these applications are certainly better than simply throwing your old clothing and textiles in the garbage can and condemning them to a landfill.

Dropping off your old clothing at a donation pick up site can also be beneficial for you as well. After all, the average home here in the United States is likely to have as many as 300,000 objects inside of it, which can be far too many for the typical living space, Homes and closets can feel cluttered and jam packed, which can all too easily increase the stress levels of those who live there. We also consume far more clothing than ever before as well.

For instance, a woman living in the United States about 100 years ago would own only about nine different outfits. In today’s world, however, things are very much different. The average woman today will own as many as 30 complete outfits, meaning that she can wear a brand new outfit for just about every single day of the month depending, of course, on the month in question. For many people, this is simply far too much clothing to really be wearing all of it on a regular basis.

Going off of how frequently you wear certain items of clothing can make these various articles of clothing easier to part with in the long run. For instance, people who live in climates that have only just one or two climates will want to make sure that they wear all of their clothing at least once for every six month period. If this is not the case for some pieces of clothing, it is likely that those pieces of clothing are better off being donated to a place where they can be used and enjoyed far more thoroughly.

At the end of the day, used clothing donations matter for so many different reasons.

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