Comparing Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

The video,” Difference between PORCELAIN AND CERAMIC floor tiles: WHICH IS BETTER?” compares the two primary tile materials: porcelain and ceramic tiles. The video examines both materials’ durability, look, and maintenance requirements.

First and foremost, porcelain and ceramic tile are both similar in that they are both made from clay. However, they have different ingredients in their makeup that create the finished product. Manufacturers make porcelain tile using natural clays, feldspar, and quartz. On the other hand, ceramic tile incorporates natural clay, silica sand, feldspar, and talc.

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Moreover, porcelain tile is more durable than ceramic tile because of its firm and dense surface. Ceramic tile, however, has a smooth surface, making it susceptible to scratching over time. Furthermore, individuals use ceramic tile to increase the floor’s resistance to moisture, while porcelain tile is incorporated to protect the floor from submerging.

In conclusion, porcelain tile and ceramic tile are both solid and durable, but porcelain tile is more sturdy than ceramic tile. Both materials will serve the same durability function, making them both excellent options for your new tile. Knowing the difference between porcelain and ceramic floor tiles can help you choose suitable materials for your home.

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