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Children In Need of Clothing and The Many Organizations That Help

For children in need, clothing is a highly beneficial charitable donation. Many families in need throughout the United States can benefit from those spare clothes that are thrown out of your closet. Many groups such as veterans charities make an incredible effort to collect donations such as clothing, houseware donations, and other items that will help families in need.

Several non-profits and charities work for the benefit of veterans upon their return to the United States after serving our nation abroad. Any of these donations include clothing, shoes, furniture, outerwear, home decor, and all other needs to help all veterans and military families with a fresh start. Many organizations are able to pick up donations from your home, while you are also able to drop off your donations.

Children In Need Clothing

So many people continue to develop their wardrobes without the slightest consideration for the clothing they no longer wear. The most common items include those

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How to Schedule a Clothing Donation Pick Up

Textile waste remains a continuous problem throughout the United States. In fact, statistics show that the average person in the United States throws away nearly 82 pounds of textile waste per year. Considering the number of people in the United States, this means that an estimated 12 millions tons of textile waste ends up in garbage bins annually. That being said, you can do your part to stop this growing problem by donating used clothing. With that in mind, here are the steps needed in order to donate clothing to organizations that pick up donations.

  1. Fill Out Location Information

    First, you’ll need to provide your information before providing donations for non profit organizations. This information includes important items such as your name, address, and ways to reach you. Throughout this process, you’re likely going to find out if pick up service is available in your area. If you live in an area where donations can be collected, it’s time to move o

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Clever Ways to Show Support to Military Families

Military support

For every deployed service men and women, there are children, spouses and even parents left behind. These people must ultimately continue with their lives while their loved ones are on duty calls. Military families face a lot of challenges especially if they’ve just moved to a new location. The transition period can be hard for them to handle without the help from family, friends and the community they live in. Some of the difficulties military families go through include loneliness, fear of the unknown, financial concerns, blending into the community, overwhelming responsibilities among others. Both spouses and children will try to handle the situation in different ways based on factors such as maturity, age and personalities. Often, the way a parent will cope the stress of deployment will have direct impact

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How To Get Rid of Your Stuff and Make a Charitable Donation

Charities that pick up donations

There are many reasons to downsize — from decluttering your home to making money. Indeed, the thing most people always seem to have too many of is clothes. And, when people downsize their wardrobes, they don’t always donate them to worthy causes. An estimated 12 million tons of clothing and textile waste is thrown out in the United States each year. Considering that there are so many people who need clothing to keep them warm and send their children to school, it is a shocking statistic.

Consider that an estimated 27% of military families in the United States have over $10,000 in credit card debt. Donating clothing spe

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