Three Hair Extension FAQs You Might Be Too Afraid to Ask

New patients may ask: what’s scalp micropigmentation? It’s an increasingly popular treatment for hair loss and similar hair and skin changes. Many patients like specifically getting micropigmentation for hair loss because it’s a non-invasive method. Some hair loss treatment regimens involve hormone replacement therapy, which may have some health risks attached.
The micropigmentation process can give patients excellent results much more quickly and safely. Hormone replacement therapies and similar treatments may not produce any noticeable main effects right away, and patients might eventually experience some side effects. The costs associated with hormone replacement therapy can become high, especially since a hormone replacement regimen can take some time.
Scalp micropigmentation treatments are more expensive than scar treatments involving micropigmentation. The cost for scalp micropigmentation can vary, but patients will usually spend a few thousand dollars on the procedure. Some of these treatments might be less expensive than that, especially if the patient is trying to address a very mild hair loss case. Patients should be able to find a scalp micropigmentation clinic or a clinic that offers the procedure as part of its list of treatments. The sessions should only last a couple of hours, making them relatively easy for patients to schedule.

Over the last few years, hair extensions — particularly sew in extensions — have become more popular than ever before as a way for women to add several inches of beautiful, sleek tresses to their hairstyles.

Over the last two years alone, the number of hair salons offering extensions to their clients has jumped by an amazing 28.5%. It’s clear that demand for hair extensions is the highest it has ever been, thanks to the number of celebrities who flaunt their extensions. So if you think you might want to invest in a set of extensions, you’re certainly not alone.

Still undecided as to whether sew in hair extensions are the right choice for adding some extra length to your short hair styles? Here are three of the most frequently-asked questions surrounding hair extension services — along with their answers:

Q: Will a weave or extensions ruin my hair?

A: When properly sewn in to your hair, sew in hair extensions should do no damage to your locks. The extensions should be attached at the root, which is the strongest point of the hair strand. Additionally, the best stylists use high-quality phosphates that eventually turn into powder to make removal of your extensions painless and damage-free. As long as you have your extensions applied by a professional, you can be confident your hair won’t be damaged.

Q: Will people notice that I’m wearing extensions?

A: Many women have anxiety that their hair extensions will be noticeable. However, hair extensions are matched to the precise color of your hair and are sewn in to allow for a natural, subtle look — no one will know you have extensions except for the people who knew you before you got them!

Q: Do I have to change my daily routine with extensions?

A: With sew in hair extensions, you can wash and style your hair just as you normally would — just make sure to avoid too much heat styling or harsh products. If you swim often, it’s recommended that you wear a swim cap, as too much exposure to water can loosen the bonds of your extensions.

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