Taking A Look At Drinking Habits All Throughout The United States

From vintage beer shirts to the flamingo beer bong to the drink sling to the cowboy hats to dress up your beer, there are many gifts to give the alcohol enthusiast in your life. And the list goes on and on: PBR shirts and other PBR gear, a Budweiser bathing suit, Coors retro hats (to pair perfect with vintage beer shirts). For a birthday or during the holiday season, vintage beer shirts and other like gifts are likely to be just right for someone in your life.

After all, we are a country that loves alcohol (in moderation, of course). Among those who are over the age of fifty five, sixty five percent of the population drinks on a regular basis. And the younger generations drink even more, with more than seventy two percent of Millennials have a drink, be it beer, liquor, or wine, at least every once in a while, with many imbibing far more frequently.

In our country – as well as in many others throughout the United States – drinking is very much a social norm, meaning that vintage beer shirts will almost never be out of place. In fact, many people will even have a drink on a daily basis, from a glass of red wine – five ounces, for a standard serving – after a long day of work to a bottle of beer with a steak dinner.

However, the typical drinker must be careful not to partake in binge drinking. To avoid it, of course, you must first know what it is. For men, binge drinking is defined as having five drinks over the course of a mere two hours, but for women, only four drinks over that same period of time is considered to be binge drinking, thanks to the typically smaller size of the average woman here in the United States. If you exceed that amount in that span of time on a regular basis, it is worth your while to consider whether or not you have a problem with binge drinking – or just drinking in general.

Binge drinking can have a number of serious and even severe consequences. For instance, binge drinking is all too likely to lead to blacking out, which can lead to you to make questionable or even dangerous decisions that you do not remember. It can also lead to alcohol poisoning, something that can be fatal is no one in your vicinity recognizes what is going on and has the faculties to deal with it. Of course, binge drinking on a regular basis can also lead to alcohol dependency and even alcoholism, a disease that is hard to break free from and, even if you are able to do so, often has long lasting or even life long consequences that go along with it.

However, if you are a responsible drinker there is no need to be overly fearful of alcohol – wear your vintage beer shirts with pride. After all, vintage beer shirts can represent as many good things in your life as they can bad and if you drink in a responsible way, vintage beer shirts and the like are only likely to serve as positive memories in your life. And there are many special occasions on which wearing vintage beer shirts and drinking in celebration are likely to come up in your life.

For instance, New Year’s Eve is a huge holiday for celebrating with the help of a little alcohol. For the majority of women, this is even the holiday where the most drinking of the entire year occurs (though for men, it tends to be St. Patrick’s Day instead). New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate the closing of the old year and the new beginnings that the new one represents. New Year’s Eve is a night to spend with loved ones or even family, and what better way to do so than with a little bit of (or even a lot of) your favorite champagne?

Overall, drinking (and the vintage beer shirts) is a great way to spend time. Drinking responsibly, however, is hugely important for your health and for your life.

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