What Was the Most Popular Gift at Your Family Christmas Gathering?

The girls baseball caps with the simple embroidery of your area code were a big hit at the Christmas gift exchange. This is the second year in a row when your husband’s side of the family decided not to draw names. Instead of trying to make sure that no one from an immediate family drew the name of anyone from their same family, the group decided to just have a group of gifts for the women and a group of gifts for the men. With a spending limit of $40, people put their wrapped gifts into the pile without any names.

Following an order dictated by numbers drawn, first the women and then the men started the gift giving event. With the option of opening a new gift or stealing from someone else, the whole process is pretty fun, especially when popular gifts like the area code girls baseball caps are paired with a versatile thermal water bottle. Because a single gift can only be stolen twice, there is a little bit of thinking that goes into the gift giving and taking as moms try to help daughters end up with the best gift in the batch. This year, all of the gifts were clever, but the knit beanies and baseball caps were especially popular.

Christmas Gifts Often Include the Latest Fashions

From crocheted beanies that make any ice skating outing fashionable to other popular cold weather accessories, there are many kinds of gifts that will be popular this holiday season. And while there are many times when gifts are pretty frivolous, it should come as no surprise that the beanies that keep you warm and the baseball caps that are perfect for a messy bun day are often ver popular.

If your favorite Christmas gift this winter was one of the messy bun beanies that you had to battle for in the family gift exchange, you are proof that the latest fashions are always a great choice when you are buying a gift. Every year, more than 80 billion articles of clothing are produced and sold around the world, and it should come as no surprise that many of these purchases take place during the holidays. And while the back-to-school shopping season is the second largest seasonal shopping period of the year in terms of consumer spending, we have just finished the first place season.

Are you happy with the gifts that you received, or will the New Year find you standing in a line trying to get a return or an exchange and hoping to purchase your own girls baseball caps?

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