Are You Trying to be More Environmentally Responsible in the Shopping Decisions You Make?

The two seniors are more than excited about their graduation party. Know as the two girls who never eat meat, no one was really surprised that the girls would be serving a vegan ice cream as one of the three flavors from the visiting ice cream truck. The girls also planned additional menu items with one goal in mind: to convince their friends that healthy foods can be delicious. They carefully selected their menu items from their most favorite and tasty options that they eat on a regular basis. They even purchased wholesale cotton totes in bulk and spent time creating recipes from their favorite items and coupons to encourage their friends to head to college with a healthier diet in college.

Not all high school graduates have such noble intentions, but when these two girls decided to have their own kind of party they knew that they had to be true to their beliefs and the eating and shopping habits they follow. The wholesale cotton totes were simply sitting in a basket by the door with a note that told the departing guests to take one if they wanted. The girls knew that the ones that were not taken would be used by them in the future. They gave up plastic bags while shopping long ago, and are now moving away from paper bags as well.

Gift Tote Bags Make Popular Handouts at Any Event

As more and more communities ban plastic bags, heavy duty canvas bags, white canvas tote bags, and other recyclable options continue to grow in popularity. Sustainable and recyclable items that will not fill up our landfills play important roles in our lives today as more and more people try to leave a smaller carbon footprint. As both individual companies and entire communities try to promote the use of reusable bags, there are more and more people who are distributing canvas bags. Did you know, for instance, that just one single person using reusable bags over their lifetime can remove more than 22,000 plastic bags from the environment? This is a significant number and should certainly encourage people to think twice before they make the careless choice of option for plastic bags at the grocery store.

The average reusable bag has a lifespan that is equal to 700 disposable plastic bags. From graduation parties to weddings to everyday consumer purchases, we can all do our part to make sure that we are living a more sustainable life. With the use of wholesale cotton totes it is easy to limit the plastic you use.

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