Do You Want To Live Green And Support Your Community? Just Donate Your Used Clothes

Donating to charity is a wonderfully fulfilling act. Even more so when you offer up clothing donations.

What makes clothing donations stand out from the pack? Just take a look at their long-term ripple effect. Clothes are filled with easily recycled materials, able to be reused and circulated through the economy without losing quality. They reduce the impact of landfills, one of the most severe additions to the environment. They can even help you support your community and shave costs off your taxes — clothing donations, simply put, are one of the most useful offerings you can gather up.

Charities that will pick up donations will swing by your place and pick them up with just a call. Take a deeper dive into the benefits of clothing donations below.

American Clothing Purchases And Tastes Have Changed

Do you ever think you’re buying new clothes? Is your closet starting to burst with all the extra pressure of impulse purchases and necessary purchases alike? It’s estimated the average American tosses over 80 pounds of textile waste every single year — unfortunately, just 15% will go and recycle their used clothing. Any changes made toward used clothing donations will go a long way to improve the country at large. Clothes make for a smart and generous donation, cleaning up the environment while helping out the community.

Charitable Giving Is Starting To Increase In Popularity

It’s not just you…more people are starting to give to charity recently. Back in 2011 over two million tons of clothing and textiles were either recycled or donated to charity. The average American will also purchase 10 pounds of previously used clothing every year, thanks to a recent study. Organizations that help military families and students alike are always at the ready. Offering up that old sweater you no longer wear can have a very impressive impact!

Environmental Friendliness Starts With A Clothing Donation

Living green can seem like an abstract concept at times. Is it just recycling newspapers and disposing of your glass bottles? Turns out donating clothes can go a long way to support an eco-friendly lifestyle — nearly 100% of household textiles, like cotton and nylon, can be easily recycled. The country generates over 20 million tons of food waste every year and paper waste is still far too high. It’s estimated that, if every American recycled one-tenth of their newspapers, we could save 25 million trees.

Reducing Clutter And Shaving Money Off Your Taxes In One Go

There’s a more personal benefit to gain from clothing donations, too. A cluttered home is a frustrating home — studies have found significant links between mess and higher rates of anxiety, particularly if the problem has gone on for a while. When you donate your clothes you clean up your house and give yourself more figurative and literal breathing room. Keep your receipt and you can also reduce how much you owe in taxes. Some clothes even have a higher return, such as mens’ overcoats.

Clothing Pick Up Services Can Ease Into Your Schedule

You might be thinking this is all wonderful…but are worried about how you’re going to manage with your busy schedule. Not to worry. Used clothing pick up is the newest innovation to the recycling process and makes charitable donations easier than ever before. Bag or box up your unwanted clothes — with clear labels as to which is being donated or recycled — and put them somewhere easy to find outside. Call your local charitable organization with simple directions so they can help you make the world a better place to live.

Clothing donations are smart, eco-friendly, and highly beneficial. How will you help out your community this year?

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