What Should You Know About Honda Motorcycles?

Honda is one of the most popular motorcycle brands in the world. In 2021 alone, Honda sold over 15.1 million motorcycles. The popular YouTube channel Let’s Talk Tramsport tells you why you might want to check out your nearest Honda motorcycle shop.

Although most people think of cars when they hear the name Honda, the company started by making motorcycles.

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Their first motorcycle, called a motorized bicycle, was created in the need for transportation in post-World War II Japan. The A-type with a 50cc engine was a hit and led to the creation of the Honda Motor Company in 1948. It was named after the founder and developer of the A-type, mechanic Soichiro Honda.

It was Honda’s second release, the Dream D or Model D, that made Honda well-known throughout all of Japan. This motorcycle had a 98cc motor. It was the first Honda motorcycle to be sold in America. By 1950, Honda was able to open a plant devoted to making motorcycles. Honda motorcycles became popular because they were good for many uses, such as basic transportation and racing.

Besides quality and versatility, Honda motorcycles are popular because they are much more affordable than other motorcycle brands. Honda makes a wide range of motorcycles for bikers of all abilities.

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