Is Medical Grade Skin Care Better Than Drugstore Skin Care?

When we start talking about beauty products and skincare, the price of those products will typically enter the conversation. We usually associate cost with quality, but a higher price point doesn’t always mean a higher quality product. So, the question becomes is a medical grade skin care better than drugstore products?

Products that can be found in a drugstore are typically considered cosmetic products. They don’t travel too deep into the skin and the active ingredients aren’t as present or effective as they might be advertised.

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On the other hand, medical grade skin care can be found in dermatologists or plastic surgeons’ offices. There are more active ingredients in them and they will go much deeper into the skin than drug store products.

Medical skincare has a required testing process. Just like other medical treatments, in order for doctors to be able to use these products, they have to work. There has to be proof that these products do what they are advertised to do. As it is a medical treatment, it should be seen as an important procedure when you get it done. After learning all of this, there is defiantly a difference between these two types of skin care products.


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