Little Known Facts on Side Stone Engagement Rings

According to some research, diamond is the most concentrated form of pure carbon that is naturally occurring, and it’s the strongest mineral to exist on Earth. They have a ranking of 10 on the Mohs scale of the hardness of a mineral. Three stone engagement rings are often a popular choice these days, and even side stone engagement rings are becoming more popular as a desire for customization increases. Many people prefer to have wedding rings that match their custom-designed engagement rings in order to create a unique and beautiful statement.

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Baguette side stone engagement rings have diamonds that have a highly linear appearance to them. Gemstone engagement rings are often in the form of a tapered baguette side stone for a more classic design that is not too simple. Emerald cut-centered engagement rings can be designed for the right size stone for you. You should always keep the right size center stone and side stones for proper scaling and appearance. For more advice, consider contacting a professional you can trust with knowledge in the field.


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