Porcelain vs. Ceramic Tile Flooring for Your Home

Various factors influence whether one tile flooring type is more suited to a person’s home or a particular room. This video answers a commonly asked question about the difference between porcelain and ceramic, two popular tile flooring options. Here is a quick review of their differences.

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Construction and durability: Ceramic tiles and porcelain are both made of clay. However, porcelain heats at higher temperatures and forces, thus reducing the amount of empty and cavity space in the tile. It is more durable, especially in high traffic rooms, but this does not mean that ceramics are any less good tile flooring options.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Both tiles are easy to clean and maintain. However, porcelain tiles are nano-sealed, making them slightly easier to clean and maintain. If you choose ceramic tiles with a crackling design, they might require resealing.

Water Resistance: Ceramic and porcelain are excellent choices for moist rooms like the bathroom. However, porcelain is more water-resistant, and it does not freeze or break at freezing temperatures.

Cost-ceramic is a more affordable option compared to porcelain. However, being more budget-friendly does not lower its quality or effectiveness.

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