The Advantages and Disadvantages to Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are used when teeth are too weak to protect them with fillings anymore, but there are several things you should know before deciding to get them. Luckily, Advanced Dental Artistry uploaded a video on their Youtube channel called “Porcelain Crowns and Bridges” where they talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this dental procedure. Let’s find out more!


This application is often called a “cap,” and it’s used to replace the entire enamel outside the tooth. It’s made out of porcelain and strengthens teeth.

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They can hold cracked teeth together and restore fractured ones. They are also used on dental implants if necessary.

Some people choose to get crowns to improve their smiles. Porcelain crowns can hide if their teeth are yellow or badly aligned. But mostly, it’s a great solution after a root canal.


Unfortunately, a dentist will have to reshape your original tooth to install a crown. The material is very durable, but it can crack with time. If there are multiple breaks, you might need to go back and replace them.

Check out the rest of the video for more details, and you’ll be ready to decide if this procedure is right for you!


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