Skirting Lumber Costs With Aluminum Awning Project

Lumber costs in the past few years have skyrocketed, which is why you should consider choosing aluminum awnings as an alternative. The Youtube video “How to Beat High Lumber Prices – DIY Aluminum Patio Cover Installation” shows the benefits and how you can still have a great awning for your house.

One of the main benefits of an aluminum cover is that it requires basically no maintenance, unlike its lumber counterparts.

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You won’t need to repaint or seal it, and it will withstand weathering on its own. These aluminum awning kits can easily be found at any home improvement-style store. Having a pre-set kit as an option can be more accessible too, giving the buyer the chance to install it themselves or hire someone to do it.

These kinds of projects have a very high customizability factor, one of the other major benefits. In the video, they decide to mount it on the eve and take off some of the aluminum trim. It will be important to know the construction details of where you’re mounting it.

This video is a good reference for what to expect from a project like this. A good first step for sure before striking out on your own. .

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