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A Look Into The Benefits Of Donating Your Old Clothing

Giving charitably has become easier than ever before, so much so that up to nearly 96% of all people here in the United States will donate on a regular basis. And nearly three quarters of all people in this country will donate at least once throughout the course of a year – and often more frequently than that, if they are able to. Giving to charity can be done online, and in addition to this, more donation pick up sites are available all throughout the country than ever before. In fact, it is far more likely that you community has some type of donation pick up site than it does not.

There are many types of charities to give to as well. From veterans charities to purple heart charities to charities with the goal of helping needy families, giving what you can will likely end up making a difference in your community, even if it is just a small one. And if you don’t have the financial ability to give a monetary donation, dropping your old clothing off at a clothing donation pick up si

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The 6 Ways Donating Clothing Helps the World

Clothing donation

Americans give a lot to charity. It is estimated that at least 95.4% are active in some form or another or charitable giving. Not all of that is through monetary donations or volunteering. Approximately two million tons of clothing are textiles were donated to charity or recycled in the United States in 2011. So many people want to participate in this activity that there are now charities that pick up clothing donations. Here is some of the good that is done when people donate clothing.

  1. Donating clothing helps disaster victims. When there is a natural disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane or massive wildfires, people are often evacuated with nothing but the clothing they are wearing. These people need everything. While most non-profit organizations do say that they prefer monetary donatio

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