Designing Custom Shirts? Make Them Exception With These Three Tips

Custom print tees

Custom print services can guarantee you high quality printed t shirts, but they can’t guarantee you a perfect design. Sure, they do have excellent design labs that make it easy for you to whip a professional looking, custom print tees, and they do have designers on hand to assist with any issues, but ultimately, it’s up to you.

Before your order printed t shirts, consider these tips!

Shirt Brand.

Custom print services have several different brands of shirts available of varying qualities. Some are pretty cheap, but will wear out after a while, while others are top of the line, look great, feel great, and will last for years — but are pretty expensive. If you’re ordering custom print tees for a multitude of people, it’s usually best to go with the cheaper ones, but if you’re only making a few dozen custom print tees, you may want to go with a higher quality shirt.

Color Scheme.

Some colors work well together; other do not. When designing custom print tees, it’s always a good idea to pair complimentary colors together. For example, a navy shirt with orange ink printing. You could also pair cool colors with cool colors and warm with warm. For example, a red custom print tees with yellow ink printing.

Logo Size and Placement.

Traditionally, there are three ways to go with your logo and text. First, you can put it right in the middle of the chest, which is what most people do. Secondly, you can put a bigger design on the back, which is uncommon, but still a popular way to go. Thirdly, you can go with the back design, but also put a smaller logo on the front too. Most people who go with the third option put a smaller one on the right breast, but others will put a bigger logo in the center of the chest, too.

Make sure you carefully select a high quality t shirt brand, choose colors that work well together, and carefully place the logo and design in the most aesthetic way possible before you get any tee shirts printed. If you have any questions about designing the best custom print tees possible, feel free to ask in the comments. Continue.

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