Why Custom Design Tee Shirts Are Making a Strong Comeback in the Digital Age

Digital print tee shirts designs

It comes as no surprises that Americans are t shirt lovers. The quintessential American
“uniform” is a t shirt, a pair of denim jeans, and a pair of comfortable sneakers. T shirts are iconic, fashion staples that span decades and generations. Now, in today’s modern times ripe with tech gadgets and status updates, t shirts are making a comeback.

In fact, custom designed tee shirts are a hot commodity and not just for hipsters and trendsters. Businesses both large and small are turning to t shirt printing services to create dynamic, visually engaging custom designed tee shirts in an effort to support their digital marketing campaigns. The designs on quality printed t shirts often go viral, drawing attention to a business or cause and inspiring other businesses to create their very own digital print tee shirts designs. The business of custom designed tee shirts is booming.

Take for example the start up company Teespring, which helps people sell custom, quality made t shirts. The millennial owners claim that at least 10 people have become millionaires from their work, proof that custom designed tee shirts are a hot commodity. This year alone, Teespring has sold 6 million shirts alone, claiming that one in 75 Americans owns at least one t shirt they helped to sell this year.

The idea for TeeSpring came about when the owners were seniors attending Brown University and faced with the intricacies of designing, manufacturing, selling, and shipping custom t shirts. The found the logistics intimidating, and realized there was a niche in the custom t shirt industry for a business to handles the nuances involved in creating and distributing custom designed t shirts. Thus Teespring was born, and has been wildly popular ever since it opening nearly two years ago.

It seems that t shirts are here to stay.

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