A Poor Pair Of Shoes Can Increase Your Risk Of Injury Five Features Your Boots Should Boast In 2018

Where would you be without a strong, sturdy pair of shoes?

You would be dealing with a quite a few more sprained ankles and pinched toes, that’s for sure. It’s easy to underestimate all that our shoes do for us, for obvious reasons, and that can lead to us making less than savory decisions when it comes to purchasing time. Instead of going straight for the best deal on the market, consider stepping it up and providing both yourself and your career with a pair of shoes designed to last. Footwear isn’t just an obligation. It’s both protection and comfort as you navigate a crooked trail or head to another dangerous day of work.

Here are five simple features your Danner mens hiking boots or combat boots should have.

A Snug Fit That Won’t Quit

Shoes that slip and bounce while you’re walking are shoes you need to replace. Not only are they irritating when you need to keep your attention on work, they can put you at risk for injury. Just take a look at some recent statistics concerning workplace slips and falls — a 2016 report revealed almost three million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses cropping up around the country, with many attributed to poor equipment. Snug Danner striker shoes will keep you from slipping on black ice and will ensure you’re running at top speed when the situation gets dangerous.

Proper Texture To Keep Your Footing

What else should your Danner mens hiking boots put front and center? Proper traction. The year 2017 found hiking deemed the fourth most popular outdoor activity in the country, with nearly 45 million participants showing their love for the sport at various campgrounds and mountain trails. Not only should your shoes have thick soles for walking, they should be sturdy enough to climb on and wade through treacherous ground with. It’s smart to try on the shoes and walk around in them a little to make sure they feel perfectly comfortable.

Thick Insulation For The Deep Winter

This is a tip that goes for both people who walk regularly and construction workers. Insulation is necessary to keep the foot from sweating overmuch, while still trapping in enough heat to ensure you don’t have frostbite to look forward to at the end of the day. While the average person walks around 10,000 steps a day, a construction worker often veers closer to 30,000. Fur lining, wool lining, and protected toes are all basics that should be easy to spot on the product description. You can pad this out further with socks as you see fit.

Smooth Exterior To Keep Debris At Bay

Safety and work apparel has its own sections for easy perusal. You have a lot to get to in the average day, after all, and every little bit in your favor is less work down the road. Off-road, roadway, and public safety are three sections of high-visibility safety apparel. According to data provided by the National Council On Compensation Insurance, the average cost of a lost workday foot injury can amount to over $9,000. Think how much time and money you’ll save yourself by investing in Danner mens hiking boots that are thick and sturdy enough to keep slush and debris away.

Choosing Quality Over Quantity This Holiday Season

Boots for men and women are going to be available in ready supply this winter season. It’s important to prioritize quality over the lowest possible cost so you can enjoy stability in your line of work. Your boots need to be thick and sturdy, free from any cheap materials that could risk a hole or tear getting in the way of your security. Strong traction, thick lining for insulation, and a smooth coat will all do the complex work of reducing your probability of injury while keeping you comfortable. Whether you’re a regular hiker or working a construction job, your shoes should hold through thick and thin.

Your shoes should take good care of you. Walk into 2019 confidently with Danner mens hiking boots.

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