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Which Flowers Are Best For Funerals?

Funerals are never a fun event to plan, but they do still require thought and care. We want to honor our loved ones who have passed in the best ways possible. One of the ways to do this is by choosing the best flowers for the occasion. There are many flowers that have meanings specific to mourning, remembrance, and love for the deceased.

You can choose flowers that are both beautiful and have a special meaning. While not everyone who attends may understand the significance of the flowers chosen they will appreciate their beauty and you will know that you made a choice to honor your lost loved one with a meaningful floral arrangement.


Chrysanthemums are very common funeral flowers due to their meaning in some European countries. In these places they are considered to represent death and grieving, which makes them a good choice for funeral flower arrangements.

Red Roses

Red roses are classic, beautiful, and almost always appropriate. They represent love and respect, which makes them a great way to honor the deceased. If you want to show the love you feel for the person you are grieving then consider adding these to their funeral. Sometimes individual red roses will be thrown on top of the casket by guests as a way of saying a last goodbye.


Lilies are also more popular funeral flowers. At a funeral they stand for the innocence that is restored to the soul of the deceased, making them a thoughtful and beautiful tribute.

Pink Carnations

Pink carnations symbolized remembrance, so they are obviously a great choice for funeral flowers. The point of a funeral is to gather with loved ones and remember the person who has passed, so it makes sense to feature a flower that reflects that.

The Favorite Flower of the Deceased

This is something else to give consideration to. If you know the favorite flower, or flowers, of the deceased then you should make a point to include them in your floral arrangement. You can mix them with some of the flowers above or let them stand alone.

At the end of the day all flowers are an accessible choice, because they are meant to add beauty to the funeral processions and honor the deceased. So long as the intent is there then you really can’t go wrong.

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