One Way You Can Make a DIY Custom Birthday Shirt

Have you ever wanted to give someone a truly custom birthday gift? Making or buying a custom birthday shirt is a great way to show someone you care about them. Many online clothing retailers offer customization options, and some even allow you to import your own design (just make sure it’s something you actually designed and not something anyone else owns). If you have a vinyl cutting machine, though, you can turn any shirt into a custom birthday shirt.

In the video on this page, Naisa shows how she makes a detailed birthday shirt for her soon-to-be five-year-old child.

Video Source

First, she assembles a design from a couple of graphics and her child’s name. Once she’s happy with the design, she separates it into components based on the materials she is going to use to create them.

She uses iron-on vinyl sheets and t-shirt transfer sheets to create the shirt’s design. The transfer sheets allow her to print a more complicated design onto one piece of transfer paper. She uses the vinyl sheets for the simpler parts of the design. Once all of her pieces are made and cut, she adheres them to the t-shirt.


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