DIY Bathroom Organization Hacks!

The 2010s has brought out a new wave of DIYers making handy gadgets from cheap or recycled materials. More often than not, there is a simpler, cheaper, and craftier way to make any room essentials you would normally buy full price at a chain retail store. For example, several parents are using DIYed cereal boxes to make handy magazine holders for themselves and their children. There are also projects that you can make from simple 1$ pick-ups from the dollar store. In this video, we will look at how to make handy bathroom organization solutions from decorative signs bought at dollar tree.

You will want to start by picking up some varied sizes of wooden signs, but have at least two square ones to make the table even. Paint it whatever color matches your bathroom, or white if you want a cute rustic washroom aesthetic.

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Glue the pieces together firmly, and line the bottom of the top sign with any lining you want. This artist used a map design. Then, you can add two handle to the sides to make it look finished and classy, but this step is optional. Finally, seal all of the paint and lining down with a mod podge finish.


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