What Features Does a Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental Have?

With summer right around the corner, many of us have started to plan summer BBQs, bond fires, and birthday parties. When planning an outside event, many people forget about restrooms, but they are very important. Your guests don’t want to use an old porta-potty, so consider a luxury restroom trailer rental for your outdoor event. Keep reading to learn about the features of luxury restroom trailer rentals.

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Unlike a porta-potty, luxury restroom trailer rentals have flush toilets. These toilets operate similarly to those in a camper or RV. Once flushed, you use the foot level to fill the bowl back up with water for the next use.

One of the biggest features of luxury restroom trailer rentals is they have running water. This means you and your guests can easily wash your hard with soap and water instead of using a hand sanitizer, or not cleaning their hands at all.

If it is going to be hot, you have no worries with a luxury restroom trailer rental. These rentals have ventilation in the ceiling that can be easily adjusted to keep the internal temperature comfortable.

To learn more about the features of luxury restroom trailer rentals, watch the video above!


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